Rights & Rice Foundation

Working For Social Justice, Economic And Community Empowerment


An equitable society characterized by the rule of law and equal opportunity for all.

Mission Statement:

To promote social, economic and political rights through empowering people who suffer injustice and lack equal opportunities.

Core Values:

  • Respect
  • Equity
  • Justice

Who we are

About Us

RRF is a non-governmental and partisan organization with an overall aim to work for the promotion of social justice and community empowerment, economic empowerment; empowering and educating people on their rights and to work for transformation of their communities, and the country at large.

A vibrant team committed to community economic empowerment and social justice

What we do

Our Programs

Our programming purposely links human, civil rights to economic, social and cultural rights. Our strategy is based on participatory community awareness and education, facilitating people’s empowerment.

Land Governance

-CSO Working group
- LMA Facility
- Customary Land right
- Livelihood Agriculture
- Food Security

Natural Governance

- Human rights
- Community Empowerment

Sexual Gender Base Violence & Women’s rights

RRF's sexual gender-based violence and women's rights program in Liberia combats violence, empowers women, and advocates for gender equality.

Agriculture & Food Security

RRF's agriculture and food security program enhances food production, access, and livelihoods, ensuring a resilient and nourished community."


- Empowerment of Women
- Violence again Woman

Human Rights

RRF in Liberia champions human rights, promoting quality, dignity, and justice through advocacy, education, and community empowerment programs.

Community Empowerment

RRF's community empowerment program fosters self-reliance, social cohesion, and sustainable development through education, training, and support.

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Our Donors & Partners

GIZ - Natural Resource Governance

Humanity United

Trust Africa

National Elections Commission of Liberia

United Nations Development Programme in Liberia

United Nations Development Programme in Liberia